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Things To Know About Glass Repair And Restoration

We all look through the glass almost every day. It gives us a clear view of the world outside when installing properly. When damaged and distorted, it blurs the view of the world outside. Glass is a soft material and that is the reason it is vulnerable to damage from different sources throughout it is life.

We can easily spot the damaged glass before installing it. Normally, it consists of glass which not tied down properly or secured during transportation, this type of damage will include scratches. Glass which is damaged at the time of construction will have an irregular pattern of scratching. Careless workers create this pattern by scraping it with metals or rubbing against the glass.

Glass installation and repair which is damaged after construction shows a different type of characteristics. Post-construction cleanup can also damage the glass. While cleaning debris from the glass during construction, cleaners who make use of improper, chipped and dull blades can leave the surface of the window with many scratches. Damage caused due to post-construction cleaners is often seen in tempered glass. Many cleaning companies have a clause in their contract which doesn't make them liable for the damage. This type of damage is a visible problem in either high end residential or commercial construction.

Welding slag runoff is another common type of glass damage. It is a small piece of molten metal that flies in any direction while people welding. When these pieces come into contact with glass, they make their way into it, this is the deepest type of glass normally. When welding slag comes into contact with glass it cuts through the glass which leaves a residue of the burnt metal as it gets inside into the surface of the glass. Glass installation and repair services can be the best people to trust when you have glass issues at your office or home.

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